Another feature worth mentioning is also the multi-gesture touchpad , even if this is generally unlikely to provide any serious advantages in day to day use. All this without even using a mouse, printer, digital camera or similar devices. Refresh times are great which helps prevent a choppy mouse movement when moving around. The Aspire G with its Furthermore the Aspire G offers a Crystal Eye webcam , and an array microphone which is located above the F10 key. Depending on the audio, this can often sound very tinny.

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These big beasts usually don’t offer much mobility – both in regards to battery life and weight.

Acer Aspire 7740G

After aspre 53 minutes the six cell battery ran out of steam when testing it using the Battery Eater Classic test.

Cinebench R10 Rendering Single 32Bit. With respect to the performance, the Aspire G should be very similar to the Aspire G. The touchpad on this notebook is an ALPS design model with a spacious layout and multitouch gesture support.

The pressure point is, again as acer aspire 7740g the Aspire G, clear and easily recognizable. It is more likely that the internal hard drive will acer aspire 7740g the primary acer aspire 7740g of disturbance, which creates Loudspeakers The integrated loudspeakers in the Aspire G are located in the area between the keyboard and display.


Artificial Intelligence 12 votes. Thus the horizontal viewing angle is especially vulnerable to changes to the position of the display and the seating position.

Not considering the optical appearance, acer aspire 7740g with wide fingers will also be happy not to accidentally press adjacent keys. For gaming performance of individual games, the results of the Aspire G can be checked for more elaborate descriptions, which can also be considered valid for the G. Application performance 3DMark details The Aspire G with its Please, switch off ad blockers.

For people who rate the gaming capability as a high priority, a notebook with an ATI Mobility Radeon HD or better would be more suitable. Furthermore the Aspire G offers a Crystal Eye webcamand an array microphone which acer aspire 7740g located above the F10 key.

Most of the important interfaces are located along the acer aspire 7740g side. The darkest area was on the left side in the middle.

For the sake of comparison, the values for the G: The hottest point zcer measured had a temperature of The exception to this, once again, is the area behind the display. A Crystal Eye webcam along with acer aspire 7740g array microphone are also on board.

As long as the notebook is used indoors or at home, all acer aspire 7740g reflections stay within acceptable limits. The keyboard layout takes advantage of the chassis and offers a four-key wide number pad with room to spare on each side. In practice however these differences are hardly noticeable.


This resolution supports P content as well as P content when scaled. As with its little brother, the Aspire G keyboard was convincingly good. Sensitivity out of the box was good but not acer aspire 7740g, and no adjustment for sensitivity was found in the ALPS control menu. The 8 ms response time is also behind that found on modern LCD monitors, so it might not satisfy acer aspire 7740g gamers.

Acer Aspire Review

View full cart Remove all. The back of the Aspire G is not much more spectacular, which merely has a ventilation opening. The performance of the glare display, which according to Acer has a reaction time of 8 milliseconds, becomes particularly visible when 7740h computer games and watching DVDs.

This is also the area where the cooling system air is acer aspire 7740g through a vent at the back.

Thus there is not much standing in the way of video conferencing with this review candidate. The glossy paint on the screen lid resists light acer aspire 7740g and seems to hold up under normal daily abuse from carrying it around.