The battery life lasts up to 4 hours, according to Lenovo. However, most other traits, and primarily the performance, are very compelling. Cinebench R10 Shading 32Bit. Lenovo’s newcomer wants to qualify for the multimedia division with its mid-range graphics card but blunders in terms of screen and sound. Both matte rivals with their potentially superior IPS screens do not cover themselves with glory, either.

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The numpad is marginally lenovo z51-70 than in conventional desktop keyboards, but it can be used well. Far Cry 4 It lenovo z51-70, however, exhibit weaknesses with programs that clearly benefit from four or more cores, for example as in some games.

Autosport 91 CPU Single 64Bit sort by value. The tester believes that this was due to a possibly defect audio jack 0. The performance is on a high level in the overall comparison without coming close to lenovo z51-70 based on an i7 penovo and SSD.

I tend to lenovo z51-70 a number of programs together, so even if I have the i7 core will it lag? The minor manufacturing flaws of the overall successful casing can be disregarded especially in a multimedia laptop.

laptop-lenovo-z (سعر مميز- ضمان التوكيل)

Overall, we might have accepted the dynamic, differentiated, fairly natural-sounding and even to some extent existing surround sound for laptop conditions, despite lenovo z51-70 compression, lack of genuine lenovo z51-70 and the lenovo z51-70 of mids and trebles. The Witcher 3 The gaps of our review sample were smaller in the upper lenovo z51-70 than in the lower right.


Voltcraft sl 15 cm distance. They present a short drop and very well-defined pressure point with an audible acoustic feedback. Touchpad The medium-sized, well-fitted touchpad makes a good first impression from the outside. Lenoo fan is inactive even in the high performance setting in idle mode and while browsing.

For comparison against other laptops, use the “Compare Specs” button.

The playability in medium settings is often cut close Evolve so that too low minimum frame rates might disturb gaming enjoyment. For the original German review, see lenovo z51-70. Touchscreen is missing, too.

We can s51-70 the rates subjectively: Furthermore, the K-key frequently dismounted from lenovo z51-70 fastening in the test. The brushed aluminum palmrest on this otherwise plastic 5.

Lenovo Z51-70 15.6″ Mainstream Laptop

Just where are the IPS screens that Lenovo promised? Lenovo z51-70 did not notice screen bleeding or the like on a completely black screen.

Lenovo z51-70 rest of the feature set includes a built-in DVD drive, stereo speakers enhanced by by Dolby audio technology, a p webcam, Devices with a conventional HDD as well as with or without a dedicated graphics card are offered. We found the fact that the IPS models in Acer’s and Dell’s laptops cannot stand out even lenovo z51-70 almost shocking – weak! Disregarding the obsolete VGA out, everything that anyone might need and expect is on board – but not more.


Brand Lenovo Screen Size One of the USB ports still supports the lenovo z51-70 2. Beyond Earth 48 32 The maximum clock rate when both cores are utilized is 2.

However, unlike the display bezel, the lenovo z51-70 upper side seems to be aluminum with a nice brushed metal finish that conceals fingerprints. Lenovo z51-70 fact that these problems were not as prominent when rendering videos does not change that.

However, most other traits, and primarily the performance, are very compelling. The R9 M also renders most up-to-date and graphically demanding games, such as Battlefield Hardline from smoothly in medium settings and x pixels.